Ultimate Knowledge Institute Testimonials

We were pleased with your course (CISSP) and, obviously, the final results. I'll certainly pass that word on to our DISA HEADQUARTERS/NNWC folks who coordinate these efforts. I'm a believer. Thanks again. V/R Skip Thaeler Navy Certifying Authority DISA HEADQUARTERS 5.0.9 San Diego, CA

such a GREAT instructor! I took a CISSP Boot camp in London about 7 years ago with two instructors. Both of them did not even compare. Actually, [your instructor] is probably the best instructor that I have ever had. He puts a positive spin on all aspects of the course. Normally everyone puts the "negative" side to obtaining this certification. Don't get me wrong, [your instructor] does emphasize this exam is one of the most difficult exams to take. He sets everyone up for success. I took the exam 7 years ago and did not pass. His teaching style went a long way in building confidences. Wish all instructors were like him! Give him a raise -he deserves it! (-: Very Respectfully, Sherryl E Rutten CNE-CNA/C6F

Place in top third based on relevancy to my assigned job and supervisory duties. One of the most thoroughly knowledgeable instructors I've seen in 20+ years of communications training. Spot on! LtCol F. Hopewell MARSOC G-6

Outstanding, comprehensive and a logical flow of information. One of the best classes I have attended. (Instructor) was able to present the material in a way that was easy to understand and relate to. (Instructor) displayed an extensive knowledge of the material and relevant, real-life experience. CD Walden 2d Marine Air Wing CETS

I'd say of all the computer courses I've received, this was the best. The instructor was incredibly knowledgeable about the subject and knew how to present the material in an easy to understand manner. Provided a better understanding of our network infrastructure. R. Christopher CBIRF S-6, USMC

Outstanding! (Instructor) teaching included a lot of personal experience. The hands on was much needed and allowed me to follow the instruction better. Improved my overall understanding and alternatives when planning the network. (Instructor) was very familiar with our network and was able to tailor the class to our infrastructure. T. Martin Hq Bn, 2d Marine Division

Excellent! It was much more advanced than anything else I've ever had, which was good because we utilized labs and something new was always being introduced. By the end of the week we were all able to employ a network that we couldn't set up on the first day. Kept you on the edge waiting for what was coming next. JT Rockenshire CLB-22, 2d Marine Logistics Group

Every single day my level of knowledge was tested. Very effective on a broad spectrum. The instructor knew far beyond what he was teaching in this class and provided us more knowledge because of it. (instructor) was outstanding with real-life associations for everything. Falycia Hankinson 8th Communications Battalion, II MEF

Very good course! Instructor provided a lot of relevance not only in my day-to-day job environment but also to the personal computing side. This class rates in the top 5! Instructor has and outstanding knowledge base and brought an extensive understanding of networks to enhance the understanding. Gregory Biggs STS SatComm

Although my knowledge level wasn't particularly high coming in to this class, I feel more confident that I can contribute to the success of our network. There's (Instructor), then there's everyone else when it comes to knowledge of anything Microsoft. N Young MALS 26, 2d Marine Air Wing

This class has been a great experience...mind opening. I was enlightened as to where my knowledge level really is and (instructor) definitely added to it. (Instructor had a wealth of knowledge, was able to answer any question in depth, with detail and enthusiasm. Paul Johnson ALIMS

Hit many things I didn't know and they were all presented with ease of understanding. Best class I've ever taken! The instructor was amazingly easy to learn from and very patient when the students didn't understand something. Made everything very interesting; a master of his profession. Sean Sturgill 2d Marine Division

The instructor created labs that reflect situations that we will face implementing topics that were taught during class. Absolutely one of the best classes; lots of knowledge gained that will be implemented. CWO Scott Clawson MWCS-28, Cherry Point, NC

In regards to switching, this is the best class I've been to. Others just seat you and told us the commands to put in. The frustration of a live, in class network, quizzes and ever changing scenarios kept all of us on our toes. Easily recommend this course. Mr. Zupon 8th Communications Battalion

The training was outstanding, very informative and much more than I expected. It has given me the confidence to comfortably set up a wireless network. (Instructor) was extremely knowledgeable with the Fortress device which helps us tremendously. Outstanding instructor! GySgt Travers II Marine Expeditionary Force

One of the best classroom experiences I've had. (Instructor) was able to inject problems into the labs that we typically encounter on a live network while deployed. The instructor was very knowledgeable and was able to explain what was being implemented and more importantly, why. Andrew Lopez 8th Communications Battalion Data Platoon

This is one of the best classes I've ever attended. (Instructor) connected with the class and broke everything down in simple, easy to follow terms. The combination of course materials and daily quizzes make it a 10 of 10. Jason McNamara DoD/Department of the Navy

One of the best, if not the best, training classes I've ever attended. A great improvement on our technical knowledge. Talon Warren Sicily

(Instructor) explained everything from both a commercial and military application standpoint of fiber optics. Outstanding class, never been to better. Mr. Camacho USMC Oceanside, CA

Excellent! Training translates directly into real life experiences that are directly related to my job responsibilities. One of the best based on instructor knowledge and delivery, amount of information I learned and excellent course materials. Ken Brodie Pentagon

The class is all relevant, valuable, well tailored and logically presented. Mr. Fricke DoN/MSE

Excellent class...directly aligned with my present job duties. Ranks in the top 5 due to instructors knowledge of subject. Ms. Burke Naval Post Graduate School Monterey, CA

Top 10%...daily quizzes were invaluable for gauging progress! Jordan NAVFAC

This course outshines the rest! The superb teaching, quick pace and outstanding instructor all affected the success of this class. Patrick Bean, Trident Systems

This training was the best! It had a most engaging and experienced instructor who taught material in a way that the inexperienced or experienced can quickly absorb. Michael Huang, JADOC

UKI ROCKS because you do not just teach the test. Giving the customer what they need sits high on my list of customer satisfaction. Thanks! IT1 Quanessis Ricks, United States Navy

The overall class was superb. The instructor was very well informed, the text structure was good and the intermittent tests were very helpful. Thanks! Charlie Cleveland

...by the way a true testament to the OUTSTANDING training I received from UKI. I passed my CISSP exam. The instructor is a one of a kind, and your training prepared me very well. Greatly appreciated. ITC(SW/AW) Jason W. Sabater, CISSP USS CURTIS WILBUR (DDG 54) CC DIV LCPO Information Assurance Manager

Because the instructor was willing to spend extra time to make sure that we understood the Security+ concepts by staying late and going more in depth, everybody from the class except for one passed. Thanks of the review of the final exam on Thursday I passed my test. Thank you very much, and if you are going to be teaching another class in the area I would love to know so I can try to get myself in them. Jonathan G. Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command

I just wanted to say your presentation on Social Media Technology and Security was the finest I have ever attended. A. Erlich, RITSC, N6C

Trish, I want to personally compliment your instructor who was here this week for ITILŪ training to 8 of our government employees. [The Instructor] did a superb job of actually teaching. [Instructor] took the time to explain, respond effectively to questions, establish an environment where the students wanted to learn, and helped us apply ITILŪ to our critical mission for the US Army. As a result of [the Instructor]'s excellent training, all passed the exam, all thought they had learned and all were convinced that they achieved a useful certificate.

This is our first ITILŪ instruction from the Ultimate Knowledge Institute. It was a good experience. This has not always been the case with other instructors from other organizations.

Thank you from me and all of our new ITILŪ graduates.

Rick Allenbaugh
Director, GISA
Fort Bragg, NC

Excellent, very useful and applicable information that was directly relevant. (Instructor) utilized a live network and injected problems; the best way to raise efficiency. (Instructor) was off the charts! Network exposure was astounding. Ty L Craft 2d Marine Logistics Group

Very well delivered and organized. This course is near the heart of my job. The balance of lecture, demonstration and hands-on labs was top quality. Don't change a thing! MJ Crowley Combat Logistics Regiment 27

This course gave me a broad, yet in-depth, overview of the advanced features that I need to implement and took us from all from the beginner level to advanced users. This class will provide us the expertise to establish the tactical network sooner and more proficiently. CWO Scott Clawson MWCS-28 Cherry Point, NC

Very effective! This training will have an immediate impact when we deploy, especially aboard ship. I highly recommend this course to all network professionals; it provides the foundation and ties it all together. Top notch instructor whose knowledge and experience was evident throughout the course. E. LaCoor 2d Marine Division

One of the best courses I've ever attended. All course materials were current and very relevant in our day-to-day operations. Instructor is unbelievably knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Made the material easy to understand and enjoyable to learn; really knows how to relate the material to any level student. Ryan Roberts 10th Marine Regiment, 2d Marine Division

Very interactive! This is an intense skills training class that allows students to see multiple configurations with the chance to employ them. The hands-on labs in the class were set up in a manner that we were actually managing a network in the classroom. I wish (instructor) worked for me! James Stewart Jr Communications Chief, 2d Marine Division, USMC

This class was an excellent experience, very thorough and informative. The hands-on labs helped to reiterate the instruction and definitely increased my knowledge of OU Management, GPO's and Exchange. Easily a 10 of 10. Andre King New River, NC

I place this training at a cut above all other training I have received from other vendors. UKI training instructors are the best in the business for capturing the students' attention and getting the points home. Learning is the desired goal; mission accomplished!! Job well done! Zadie Reeves MCRD, South Carolina

The instructor made me excited about what I was learning. The training was well planned and thought out. (Instructor) didn't make us feel stressed out when we made mistakes setting up and securing wireless networks. He was well spoken, a great teacher that was able to keep the energy going all day. Amanda Harris 2d Marine Division Communications Company

This training has broadened my knowledge from a basic understanding of security and networks and will allow me to develop process improvements within my division and branch. The instructor is what made this a great experience. He did not just stand there and read the material, he ensured he engaged the students to be as much a part of the class and kept us all engaged. In all the training I've ever had, he has been the best. From his explanations, he related the topics to real-world scenarios in a fashion that made the complex material easy to grasp. Jose Izquierdo National Naval Medical Center Bethesda, MD

By far, one of the most thorough network training experiences I have attended. Wally Lora US Navy, Sicily

Great training...phenomenal from a management point of view! Name withheld by request ONI, Washington DC

Overall, the very best I've ever attended. (Instructor) covered materials that weren't even addressed in other optical fiber classes I've attended; some of those were even a higher level! Kyle Wood USMC

(Instructor), over four days, taught us more than the previous provider did in ten training days, and brought the certification exam as well. Taught us both the "how's" and "why's" of fiber optics; very thorough and relevant to our needs for employment. Mr. Vermillion Marine Corps Base Okinawa, Japan

Among the elite tactical/technical training I have received in over 12 years. Easy to understand, descriptive, detailed and fun. Mr. Henning Base Telephone Camp Pendleton, CA

This training exposed experienced people to the advanced features of the application. Those same people will use this training to solve complex, job-related issues. In class, the labs were as close to our actual working environment as possible without being live. Great job! Glenn Rawl MAMC Ft. Huachuca, AZ

Top 10 classes in my 22 years of Federal Government and 13 years of Information Assurance experience. Cronin SubMepp Activity

On a scale of 1-10, it was a 12. Instructor had great energy, knowledge, examples and was able to relate to my knowledge and learning techniques. M. Campos SYSCOM Quantico, VA

Every day, with every lab, my knowledge was challenged. The class was presented in a real-world format with problems slightly above our expertise. With collaboration from the class and guidance from the students, we were able to successfully create and understand our work. Excellent class. Austin J Meyer 2d Marine Division

First rate training; the best I've experienced. The instructors ability to draw from personal experiences and his professionalism towards the class was greatly appreciated by all. Shane Bartholomew US Navy

The training surpassed all of my expectations in every possible way. The best by far. It will benefit my job skills greatly and immediately. Mr. Arzola NCTS, Sicily

I came in to this class with what I thought was a pretty good background in routing and switching Cisco devices. What (Instructor) taught me in two weeks I couldn't have learned in two months. I took the same training through another company with mediocre results from a poor instructor. (Instructor) from UKI was professional and prepared beyond imagination. His knowledge and ability are beyond reproach. I walked away from the class feeling better prepared for not only my position, but for the exam. Onsite testing provided by UKI is definitely a plus. I passed my CCNA and am looking forward to CCNP level training with (Instructor)! I Alpharea II MEF HQ Group Camp Lejeune, NC

This class is at the top! The instructor was question friendly, but also gave us time to learn at our own speed during labs. Everyone had their own equipment and the labs for Flying Squirrel, Net Stumbler and Fortress were outstanding. Christian Dominguez II MEF, 8th Communications Battalion

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