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UKI-DEV has been developing custom applications internally for over 20 years.

Our team of engineers are experts in a variety of programming languages and have built numerous web and cloud-based applications for the Department of Defense, Federal Agencies, DOD Contracting Partners, and Fortune 500 companies.

Currently, UKI-DEV has multiple projects underway, but our primary focus is on OpenDash360™ and EMF360™.



Simply stated, OpenDash360™ does for the frontend of an application what microservices do for the backend of an application. OpenDash360™ gives users access to an unlimited number of applications created by an unlimited number of vendors while still maintaining a similar user interface for easy interaction on both the backend and frontend.

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Ultimate Knowledge Institute has developed the Educational Management Framework (EMF) over the past 17 years while delivering technical and cybersecurity training to both the military and private sector. UKI has delivered over 2000 classes using this management framework and it has evolved into a comprehensive management system that tracks a class from inception, through delivery, to evaluation and review.

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