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The Ultimate Knowledge Institute opened its doors in 1999 as an Information Technology, Information Assurance and Cyber Security training provider to the Department of Defense, Federal Agencies, DOD Contracting Partners, and Fortune 500 companies. While providing standardized and customized training solutions coupled with unsurpassed customer support, UKI ensured students were thoroughly prepared to immediately apply their knowledge to the environment they support.

The Ultimate Knowledge Institute has created three seperate branches to maximize efficiency: "UKI-Education", "UKI-Development" and "UKI-Professional Services".

Each of these branches continues to deliver industry leading services that our clients have come to know and expect.



UKI-ED understands the critical requirements of effective training. For twenty years, the US Department of Defense and Industry has turned to our team members for the customized and focused training required to ensure the security and integrity of the networks and services supporting the Global Information Grid.

UKI-ED's specific training experience demonstrates the ability to meet and exceed the standard that most organizations are used to receiving. UKI-ED is uniquely qualified to provide onsite instruction at any locations required. When it comes to understanding the nature and complexity of mission critical networks, UKI-ED has earned the distinction of being the "go-to" team that consistently provides training at locations where others cannot. Including deployed battle groups at sea.

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By being at the forefront of the latest technologies and processes, UKI-DEV is constantly setting the new industry standard for web and cloud-based applications.

UKI-DEV's core products consist of:

  • OpenDash360

    Simply stated, OpenDash360™ does for the frontend of an application what microservices do for the backend of an application. OpenDash360™ gives users access to an unlimited number of applications created by an unlimited number of vendors while still maintaining a similar user interface for easy interaction on both the backend and frontend.

  • EMF360

    Ultimate Knowledge Institute has developed the Educational Management Framework (EMF) over the past 17 years while delivering technical and cybersecurity training to both the military and private sector.

UKI-Professional Services

UKI-Professional Services

UKI-SERV was created for two primary reasons:

  • Red Hat Consulting Services

    We provide the best consulting services that focus on allowing Red Hat solutions to drive our clients digital processes.

  • Application Customization

    UKI-SERV provides development services that focus on the customization of UKI-DEV's core products, "OpenDash360" and "EMF360".

At the heart of UKI-SERV, we strive to lead the technology industry in new concepts, ideas and innovation.

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