CompTIA Project+

3 Day | Instructor Led

In this course, students will learn the full range of skills required to plan and implement projects. The project initiation and planning process will be covered in-depth, ending with the creation of a project schedule. Students will also acquire the knowledge to manage business concerns such as cost and risk by learning best practices for managing people and resources. Additionally, students will gain the knowledge needed to know how to manage change and the steps necessary in closing a project.

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CompTIA Project+

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CompTIA Project+ Prerequisites

It is highly recommended that the student have experience with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Project.

What You'll Get in CompTIA Project+

Expert Level Instruction

Official CompTIA Project+ Curriculum

CompTIA Project+ Certification, 2009 Edition, Student Manual

Daily Homework Assignments to Reinforce Classroom Lecture

Daily Quizzes to Ensure Knowledge Retention

Handy Reference Charts and Tables

Course Related Readings (Reinforcement)

Daily Exercises to Reinforce Memory Recall - Cognitive Core

What You'll Learn in CompTIA Project+

I. Initiating a Project
1. Project Life Cycle
2. Create a Project Concept Definition Statement
3. Determine Feasibility
4. Create a Project Charter

II. Creating a Scope Statement
1. Determine Risk Impact
2. Determine Stakeholder Needs
3. Identify Resources
4. Estimate Cost
5. Estimate Time
6. Create a Scope Statement

III. Planning Project Strategy
1. Plan for Project Control
2. Create a Communications Plan
3. Create a Risk Management Plan
4. Create a Quality Management Plan
5. Create a Closeout Plan
6. Analyze Requirements
7. Create a Statement of Work

IV. Creating the Project Budget and Schedule
1. Create the Work Breakdown Structure
2. Create a Budget
3. Create the Project Schedule

V. Managing Relationships
1. Manage Communication
2. Manage Stakeholders
3. Manage the Project Team
4. Manage External Relationships

VI. Implementing the Project
1. Manage the Schedule
2. Manage the Budget
3. Manage Quality
4. Manage Change
5. Manage Risks and Issues

VII. Closing the Project
1. Deliver the Final Product
2. Conduct a Debriefing
3. Create the Project Closure Report
4. Manage Administrative Closure

CompTIA Project+ Certification

CompTIA Project+ Certification Passing this exam is the equivalent to possessing the knowledge and problem-solving skills of an individual with IT and project management experience of 2,000 hours.

CompTIA Project+ Outline

  • Identify the fundamentals of project management
  • Perform the pre-project setup
  • Initiate a project
  • Plan project strategies
  • Develop project schedules
  • Plan project staffing, communications, and quality
  • Plan project risk management
  • Plan project costs
  • Plan project costs
  • Plan for change management and transitions
  • Manage project execution
  • Manage project procurement
  • Monitor project performance
  • Monitor and control project constraints
  • Monitor project risks and procurements
  • Perform project closure


A. Erlich


I just wanted to say your presentation on Social Media Technology and Security was the finest I have ever attended.

Wilder Guerra

US Navy Reserve

This course is definitely an eye opener. With how much social media has taken over, it is important to be fully aware of the capabilities along with all the risks it brings. It is important to get this course because social media is the new norm.

Rebekah Coughlin


The Social Media and Security Training course offered by UKI is a great and beneficial course combining technical training to fully understand TCP IP networking, DNS, and the harms of malware and cross-site scripting; as well as practical training that allowed attendees to play with open source social intelligence gathering solutions. This is the perfect class for those involved in IT security and interested in social media and identity theft.

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