UKI Social Media Management & Governance Professional (SMMGP)

3 Day | Instructor Led

The Social Media Management & Governance Professional (SMMGP) Course prepares information security professionals and managers to design, implement and oversee social media security management policy, processes and governance in line with the strategic goals of the organization. In this course you will learn to draft social media security regulations and policies, define the architecture, and implement controls and security audits to assure the safety of your organization's sensitive information. This course teaches individuals to effectively design and implement social media security personnel training and awareness programs. This course is taught in a five day format and includes lectures, demonstrations and hands-on labs.

This course prepares you for the Social Media Management & Governance Professional (SMMGP) Certification.

Ideal Candidates for the UKI Social Media Management & Governance Course and Certification
The Social Media Management & Governance Course is ideal for individuals with proven hands-on experience in the cybersecurity space. Candidate job roles include: senior security engineer, risk assessment & compliance engineer, forensics engineer, information security director, information technology director, chief information security officer, chief security officer* or any other role that is responsible for information security policy and governance. The candidate job roles list is not exhaustive.

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UKI Social Media Management & Governance Professional (SMMGP)

Ideal Candidates for UKI Social Media Management & Governance Professional (SMMGP) Class

UKI Social Media Management & Governance Professional (SMMGP) Prerequisites

Social Media Security Professional (SMSP) Course. This prerequisite can be waived if the individual has two years of documented cybersecurity experience.

What You'll Get in UKI Social Media Management & Governance Professional (SMMGP)

Comprehensive Social Media Management & Governance Training that prepares you for the industry's first Social Media Management & Governance Professional (SMMGP) Certification

Expert Level Instruction

UKI Social Media Management & Governance Course Material

Daily Homework and Quizzes

Daily demonstration and hands-on labs

DVD with Tools, References & Example

End of Course Certification Exam

What You'll Learn in UKI Social Media Management & Governance Professional (SMMGP)

1. Social Media Governance

2. Social Media Laws, Regulations and Policy

3. Social Media Risk Management

4. Social Media Policy Development

5. Social Media Training & Awareness Program Development

6. Social Media Process Development

7. Social Media Performance & Metrics

8. Social Media Quality & Continuous Improvement

UKI Social Media Management & Governance Professional (SMMGP) Certification

Students must pass the final exam administered at the end of the training course in order to earn the UKI Social Media Management and Governance Professional (SMMGP) Certification. Learn more about the SMMGP Certification.

Course price includes the SMMGP exam voucher and all required materials.
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UKI Social Media Management & Governance Professional (SMMGP) Outline


A. Erlich


I just wanted to say your presentation on Social Media Technology and Security was the finest I have ever attended.

Wilder Guerra

US Navy Reserve

This course is definitely an eye opener. With how much social media has taken over, it is important to be fully aware of the capabilities along with all the risks it brings. It is important to get this course because social media is the new norm.

Rebekah Coughlin


The Social Media and Security Training course offered by UKI is a great and beneficial course combining technical training to fully understand TCP IP networking, DNS, and the harms of malware and cross-site scripting; as well as practical training that allowed attendees to play with open source social intelligence gathering solutions. This is the perfect class for those involved in IT security and interested in social media and identity theft.

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