Level: Advanced

Red versus Blue Exercise

1 Day | Instructor Led

The Red versus Blue exercise is a customized, six to eight-hour, Cyber Range exercise hosted on ManTech’s Advanced Cyber Range Environment (ACRE). Led by expert cyber security engineers, the exercise can be executed in a classroom and remotely. In this exercise, a Master Scenario Events List (MSEL) is followed, which describes the red attack and execution time. The MSEL consists of such attacks as Business Email Compromise (BEC), SQL injection, Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), Data Ex-filtration, Privilege Escalation, and DoS. It is possible to customize the environment with the customer’s choice of tools. Red vs blue activity can also be customized. The ACRE team can simulate the red team actions, or supplement blue team or white team actions. This exercise uses a hands-on keyboard approach to create realistic technical training and management interaction opportunities where participants respond to and report events as identified. Participants are encouraged to view the simulated attack as if it were happening to their institutions in real time, and asked to share what they have done or would do based on the facts provided. Range-based exercises such as this help institutions better understand the impact of an attack and prompt them to improve ways in which their network defenders respond, communicate, request assistance, and recover from real-world cyber attacks. Institutions that have participated in this exercise have benefited directly by building greater interaction with their security community, as well as increasing capability maturity levels and resiliency across their specific customer sector.

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Red versus Blue Exercise

Ideal Candidates for Red versus Blue Exercise Class

Expert Cyber Security Analysts wishing to update their hands-on skills.

Red versus Blue Exercise Prerequisites

Technical experience in:

  • Incident Response

  • Security Operations

  • Cyber Forensics

  • Threat Hunting

  • Ethical Hacking

  • Debugging

  • Ethical Hacking

Experience in windows or network administration also helpful.

What You'll Get in Red versus Blue Exercise

What You'll Learn in Red versus Blue Exercise

Phase 1: Intel Report of Compromised Executive Email

Phase 2: Active Campaign

Phase 3: Hotwash/After Action Review.

Red versus Blue Exercise Certification

No certification test available for this course.

Red versus Blue Exercise Outline

Phase 1: Intel Report of Compromised Executive Email
  • Pre-staged APT within target environments (“Easter egg” for discovery)
  • Participants receive report that Executive Email is compromised
  • Begins Blue hunt, hardening & remediation activity
Phase 2: Active Campaign
  • Business Email Compromise
  • Web Application attacks (SQL Injection, XSS, LFI, RFI, etc)
  • Data Exfiltration
  • Additional Destructive APT actions (DDoS, File Encryption, Logic Bombs, etc)
Phase 3: HotWash / After Action Review
  • Blue Teams present briefings describing campaign sequence and impact, attempts to remediate, and effectiveness of remediation.
  • Red Team reveals integrated campaign from start to finish and discusses effectiveness of various Blue Team techniques.


A. Erlich


I just wanted to say your presentation on Social Media Technology and Security was the finest I have ever attended.

Wilder Guerra

US Navy Reserve

This course is definitely an eye opener. With how much social media has taken over, it is important to be fully aware of the capabilities along with all the risks it brings. It is important to get this course because social media is the new norm.

Rebekah Coughlin


The Social Media and Security Training course offered by UKI is a great and beneficial course combining technical training to fully understand TCP IP networking, DNS, and the harms of malware and cross-site scripting; as well as practical training that allowed attendees to play with open source social intelligence gathering solutions. This is the perfect class for those involved in IT security and interested in social media and identity theft.

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